Folktales embedded in Books.
Reviving Folktales in Books.

As we all know that our culture is our identity, forgetting our culture means forgetting ourselves. Culture contains our norms, values, beliefs, attitudes, and language. You should revive your folktales. This problem is faced by most of the people who are in love with their culture, their norms, values, and folklores to revive your folktales. Today we are going to tell you about Mr. Javaid Ullah and his brother Mr. Ahsan Ullah, how they revive their culture. They are tourist Guides and have spent most of their life serving Tourists. They have secured their folktales from extinction, they used some steps. Definitely we have chunked out some of their steps which will surely help you as well as they helped them. That is so you can revive your Folktales easily, just go through them.


You will see now How Mr. Javeed Ullah and Mr. Ahsan Ullah have revive their culture by using the following steps. you can also revive your culture using the following steps.

1- Research:

2- Discovering Folktale

3- Proper format

4- Took help from the elders of the Society

5- Discovered images, sketches related to it

01) Research how to revive your folktales:

They researched and tried to explore their folktales by consulting different aged persons of the society. They gathered the information and related them to one another. And then prepared a final research report. Research helps you in exploring new knowledge about your past. As we know that your culture is a part of your past to secure your culture its very important to search different folktales because it will give you more information about cultures. If you secure your culture it means you are securing your past from extinction. But for that, it’s very important to research or learn about your folklore culture.

02) Discovering and revive Folktales: 

They discovered the folktales which belonged to their place. Most of our culture and traditions evolved from our folktales. They prepared a list of folktales as folktales, stories are mainly loved by children. It will help them enjoy reading it and will know about their culture.

03) Proper Format to revive your folktales.

They organized the folktales in a proper design. Firstly, they collect the information and arrange it according to the time and the incident that occurred. Secondly, proper formatting will help in organizing the data and will also store the data. On the other hand we can share our stories and the collected information with the younger ones of our society. Surely our research will help you to understand the value of your culture and will keep your culture alive.

04) Took help from the elders of the Society:

Moreover they identified the most aged person of their society who had enough knowledge about the folktales. They wrote them down. They prepared some video clips and audio clips to explore their culture. Because it will also help you to revive their culture. Certainly arrange some gatherings like for a meal, conversation, or for events and explore your folktales. Ask questions, take ideas, and try to understand them.

They searched for images or sketches which would help them for a better understanding or as proof of their historical events. They also visit different museums and historical places where they identify different images and sketches related to folktales. Because it will help you to revive your culture.


Have you seen how these steps will help you in preserving your culture? How Mr. Javeed Ullah and Mr. Ahsan Ullah revived their folktales by using these technique’s. Just go for it, we are pretty sure you will definitely love our formula. Just follow our formula and let us know how it helped you in reviving your folklore Culture. But please first like our content and share it. Hope so this technique will help you to revive their culture.

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